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About Flagship

Flagship LLC was founded in September 2018 as a result of intensifed market need for a specific type of advisory Flagship provides with its associates over the Adriatic region. The core of our approach makes integrity, confidentiality, trust, and sustainable partnerships across both the private and the public sector. We enable companies and industries to develop strategic relations and communicate more effectively towards the outside world. We add value by empowering companies to grow their overall communication capacities, support them in developing and managing their stakeholder relations, and help them to sustainably advance their market position in the dynamic world of public-private relations and regulations. In short, we develop and manage strategic relations and communications with, and on behalf of our clients.

Each client is specific, with a unique environment that surrounds him. Our approach is thus, holistic. We look carefully into clients wishes and needs and strive to provide tailor-made support for each client independently. Our support is at the same time flexible, creative, and when necessary available 24/7 – 365. We know that problems and challenges never sleep as well, and that quick responding to them is often the most important thing. Whenever our clients need our support, we will be there.

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Our services are always tailor-made. We combine various methods to gather and analyze information, map and establish stakeholder relations and influence decision makers on behalf of our clients. Below we offer an overview of some of our standard services/tools we use to support our clients:

Government Relations & Advocacy

We combine superior business intelligence, business development and strategic planning tools that focus on analysis of market trends, political, legal and economic outlooks to deliver customized strategies and analysis for our clients. We help companies formulating and promoting their interest in both the central and the local authorities’ level. We work on building mutual understanding, goodwill, and acknowledgment of the common interest between the private and the public sector for the benefit of all. We map, engage and manage communication across various target audiences by combining advocacy with classical lobbying.

Strategic Communication

We help you formulate your business goals into consistent, coherent and compelling messages for all relevant stakeholders and audiences, and we clear the way for you to deliver your messages across the network and evaluate their impact.

Stakeholder Mapping, Engagement and Management

Our actions usually impact our surrounding, sometimes positively and sometimes not. Luckily, in many situations, it is possible to align different interests and make the impact stronger while lowering individual exposure and risks, as well as the costs. We help you identify your potential stakeholders, build and manage your relations in long-run with your business and non-business networks. We boost your capacity to launch initiatives, coordinate and synchronize joint activities, and manage the exposure within the network. We support you get the most value from your networks and save your time by running background processes and preparations for you.

Business Diplomacy

The Western Balkans is in a transition towards the European Union and Euro-Atlantic integration for about two decades. It means that various international organizations and diplomatic missions have a significant impact on various political, economic, and almost all development issues. At the same time, many capital infrastructural projects are funded by some of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) such as EIB, EBRD, IFC, the World Bank, etc. Our role is to help you understand how these organizations operate, build your relations with them, and engage them directly or indirectly to benefit your growth or business stability.

Regulatory Affairs

We produce a legal, social, and economic impact assessment analysis of regulatory matters affecting specific business and industry, and provide support in communicating these matters or regulatory proposals to institutions. We increase the probability of your voice getting heard in time and right tone by a regulator. We help both governments and the private sector having a better regulation by opening a dialogue between the parties over specific regulatory matters.

Business Intelligence & Business Development

Assessing market risks or competition adequately requires a profound understanding of the environment and reliable information that is often not available publicly. Our professional network can significantly contribute to your knowledge about various business-related processes in the region. On top of informational advice, we can create custom-made business development plans for our clients and help them execute them.

Capacity Building

We offer standard and custom-made training in the area of lobbying, advocacy, stakeholders management, and strategic communications for clients interested in developing these capacities internally.

Content Creation

We help you create content around your topics. We help you create, and manage content at your webpages, blogs, brochures, interviews and social media. We produce high-level communication documents and policy proposals.

Corporate Event Management

We help you design, plan and implement all sorts of high-level corporate events such as various milestone celebrations, conferences, summits, launches, market entries, etc. We deliver full-scale turn-key solutions based on your particular needs.




Duško Krsmanović, Ph.D, LL.M

Founder and partner

Duško is founder and partner at Flagship. At the moment he also serves as an independent expert advisor for international economic affairs to the Minister, at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Before establishing Flagship in 2018, Duško worked at CMS Law as a regional Business Development & External Affairs Manager, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia and in Montenegro as a Senior Advisor for Economy and Trade, the World Bank, the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association of the U.S. (Washington D.C.), Universities of Bologna, Hamburg, and Rotterdam. He has over ten years of experience in general business consulting, and specifically regulatory impact assessment analysis, corporate lobbying strategies, government affairs, and authorities representation, government enforcement, stakeholder engagement and management, crisis management and international financial institutions engagement and economic diplomacy. He is the author of two books on lobbying and the co-author of two other books, one on lobbying and one on advanced networking. He serves as a member of the Board of Governors at the Nordic Business Alliance (NBA) and Board of Directors of the Serbian-Canadian Business Association (CANSEE).

Duško Krsmanović holds a doctorate in Economics of Regulation from the University of Bologna and a doctorate in Law and Economics from the Universities of Rotterdam and Hamburg. He also holds an LL.M. degree from the University of Hamburg and the University of Bologna, and a law degree from the University of Belgrade. Besides, he has been specializing in Public Policy at the University of Georgetown in Washington D.C. He was a guest lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Business and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade.

He successfully combines high-level academic qualifications and years of practical experience in lobbying with advanced communication skills in matters that require strategic corporate representation before local and international institutions.